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web directory acts much like a search engine, but on a much smaller scale. Web directories are essentially a categorized index of websites that have been submitted by website owners. Directories normally have search features, allowing users to search through the entire index, just like a search engine. The main differences between a directory and a search engine is that very few contain the amount of links that a search engine does. Search engines also collect data from websites, which is used to categorize and rank them. Directories lack the ability to "crawl", or exam websites as search engines due, therefore the only information a directory contains on a particular website is the information that was submitted by the website owner.

Web directory have benefits for both webmasters and internet users. For webmasters, the main benefit is website exposure. Webmasters submit their websites to increase their exposure. Not only can they receive traffic from people using the directory, but they can also benefit from a back link; a link to their website indexed by Google. Google ranks pages in several ways, but back links is one of the most important. A quality back link to your website increases your Google page rank. Enough quality directory back links, and your on your way to the top spot in Google search results. Bottom line: It can increase your websites exposure by sending targeted traffic your way.

The final type of web directory that will be examined are the poorest quality ones. Often referred to as "link farms" these directories are not human edited, due to contain high quality links, lack organization and unique features, and more often than not they become blacklisted from the major search engines. Searching these type of directories is useless, and it's highly recommended that you do not support such sites. Web directories can have several purposes, it all depends on what the administration's intended goals are.

A web directory should be marketed to both webmasters & internet surfers. If a directory only attracts webmasters, what kind of web traffic is it likely to bring? Look into how the web directory is promoted and marketed. some of are purely advertising hot spots, while others focus on driving targeted traffic to the directory. Some directories are free, some paid, others both. Directories can have broad topics, or specific topics. Lets start with the different types of directories.


Events, Hobbies Hunting, Kites, Knives, Outdoors, Audio, Automotive, Aviation, Boating, Comedy, Entertainment, Food, Food & Drink, Games, Models, Motorcycles, Parties, Pets, Roads, Scouting, Shopping, Theme Parks, Air Hockey, Camping, Fishing, Toys, Travel,


Articles, Environment, Scientific Reference, Ask an Expert, Dictionaries, Journals Knowledge Management, Maps, Museums, Questions & Answers, Quotations, Time, Standards, Almanacs, Encyclopedias, Languages, Libraries, Bibliography, Directories, Education,


Auctions, Discounts & Coupons, Education, Games & Toys, General Merchandise, Magazines, Music, Perfume, Photography, Presents, Recreation, Sports, Sports Collectibles, Antiques, Apparel, Autos, Books, Children, Classifieds, Ethnic & Regional Flowers, Movies, Telecommunications, Tools, Vehicles, Weddings, Entertainment, Niche, Travel & Accessories, Wholesale, Office Products, Office Supplies, Crafts, Gifts & Occasions, Jewelry, Pets, Home & Garden, Health & Beauty, Food, Computers, Online Shopping Outdoors, Consumer Electronics, Clothing,


Death, Organizations, Philosophy, Politics, Crime, Disabilities, Family, Men Military, Morals and Values, People, Relationships, Activism, Ethnicity, Religion & Spirituality, Work, History, Language, Issues, Subcultures,


Sports Events, Table Sports, Paintball & Airsoft Rugby, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Sports Goods, Sports Merchandise, Sports Resources, Winter Sports, Baseball, Cricket, Cycling, Extreme Sports, Fishing, Game Hunting, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Football, Motorsports, Surfing, Martial Arts, Basketball, Water Sports,


Online Reservations Preparation, Transportation, Travelogues, Trips & Hotels, Air Travel, Guides & Directories, Holidays, Hospitality, Property Rentals, Travel Services, Vacation Packages, Lodging, Agents, Accomodation,

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